How to Manifest things into your reality by AA Metatron

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

Arch Angel Metatrone on Manifesting things into your reality. (Channeled by Anan Merkaba on 3/18/13)
Dear Children of the light, we are here to give you
information and this is the lesson of life. So Let us explain to you how you
are manifesting anything and everything into your world
. But first we are going
to tell you that it is true that you are living in an illusionary world. Many
of you are not understanding the concept of an illusion, and what we are
saying really, when we say that it is an illusion is that it is all fluid,
nothing is concrete, nothing is set in stone, the keyword here is fluidity.
by fluidity we mean that you can morph and change anything you see before your
eyes into something completely different.
Now many of you have come to us with a question:
Q:“Dear AA

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