Twin Flames Uriel (Structure) and Grace

Thank You, Much Love,,

Archangels Walk Among Us

Archangel Uriel is the energy of order, structure and manifestation (forming things with thought and word).  Once creation in the world of form begins, that creation is under Uriel’s direction.  He follows the project from the very first moment , and on through all the phases of its existence.

Uriel is of service in matters of health – in body, mine as well as spirit.  Our body naturally responds to his guiding influence – and he helps us understand the body’s wisdom.

He is also of service to anyone designing, planning or constructing structures of any sort – whether tangible or intangible.  This includes buildings, books, education, groups and organizations.

And finally, he is responsible for guiding the structure of the planet herself, both in the visible and invisible realms.   And when damage occurs to the planet, he is responsible for repair.

Lady Grace is also known…

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