Once Upon a Time ~ Begins Again

The New Divine Humanity


In Love with Life, Once upon a time,
Destined and Divine.

The Story, and the Dream,
Began, No-thing to Redeem.

Hidden Beneath the So-called surface,
the Heart and the True Purpose.

Lived as One, and was Always,
the Treasured Doorway.

When you Entered, and it was So,
the Living Love, Overflowed.

Is this the Dream, that you live Now?
your Soul’s Love, and Heart’s Vow.

To Be the Love, Happily Ever after,
so long ago, and Now Hereafter.

Love all that You Are, it is Time,
Held in Grace, everlasting and sublime.

Once again ~ Once upon a time,
Begins again.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!!

For MORE information on the Birthing of The New Creation Please go to:

http://www.iamthequeenoflight.com and read the Archives, here are some links to a few of The New Creation Posts:




I have included below links for you to receive The…

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