Changing “How” You Create

The New Divine Humanity

july2014jpg 3

You are an Eternal Being, yet it may seem to you that you are living an endless struggle to experience your true freedom, to enter the awareness of your Full Divinity. To Truly Create, all that your Heart deeply longs for and desires!

Are you duality focused?
Stuck in the concepts of the mind?
Trying to figure it all out?
Are you creating through your responses and reactions that are old patterns?
Do you wonder why something new has not yet occurred in your Reality?
Wondering why you have not yet manifested what you desire?

If you answered yes to the above, then take a few moments, relax and Breathe, enter your Heart, and read on.

Duality consciousness is an immersion into the “sense” of limitation. Bound by the concepts of Gravity and Appearance, the level of creation that takes place, through duality consciousness, is just that. One of limitation…

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