Passion And Its Expression

The New Divine Humanity

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Do you express the Passion of Your Soul?

Something caught my Attention and I felt Guided to write on Passion and Passionate Love Making.

I have witnessed so many people who seem to be on a perpetual roller coaster ride, that they call relationships.

So many on Earth do not know the difference between Lust, Sexual Addiction, Love and Passion.

Being stimulated sexually, as in the body only involved and the mind, is Not the same as experiencing Passionate Love making.

And who makes love Passionately? What is it?

The Passion of the Heart and Soul may be expressed in many Ways. To experience your Heart filled with Love and Passion in a relationship where PASSION is experienced, is a rare occurrence. And why is that?

Passion itself never dies, or ends, or slows down. It is the eternal Presence of Your Soul.

IT is ALWAYS Present!

Making Love Passionately (as in…

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