Sirian Beings ~ of Light

Mucho Gracias~. <3<3<3<3<3🐕😘

The New Divine Humanity


Sirius being the Brightest Star~ gives off the Most Universal Light. Ancient Egypt was connected to Sirius, their calendar which was based upon the movement of the Heavenly Star.  The Great Pyramid was built to synchronize to the Light of the Sirius Star ~specifically~ so that the Light of Sirius would shine through a hole in the Queens Chamber~ aligning itself at exact moments, to impart the Starlight to initiates during Ancient Rituals.

The Montauk Project (and the Chair) believed to Begin after the Philadelphia Experiment (credited to Nicola Tesla) have their connection to the Sirians and to the Colony and experiments that began in the 70’s on Planet Mars. The Egyptians were also aware of the Importance of Mars.

Although Many of the Sirians seem to be very scientific and technical in their approach, there are MANY ways of Being for the Sirians just as there are many ways of Being for Human…

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